Marechal Jean-Christophe

Senior Hydrogeologist

Curriculum vitae




1039 rue de Pinville
34000 Montpellier

Research on Karst and Fractured Aquifers

Flow reversal at karst submarine spring

For the first time in hydrological sciences history, we have monitored a full flow reversal at a submarine spring. We have used an innovative device specially designed for that purpose.

Editor's Message: The sunk cost fallacy of deep drilling

The escalation of commitment consists in justifying increased investment in a decision, based on the cumulative prior investment, despite new evidence suggesting that the decision was probably wrong.

Hydrodynamics in crystalline rock aquifers

The hydrodynamic properties of the weathered-fractured layer of a hard-rock pilot watershed in a granitic terrain are characterized using hydraulic tests at different scales.

Vertical anisotropy of permeability in crystalline aquifers

In fractured crystalline aquifers, the horizontal permeability is higher than the vertical one. These results agree with the geological observations, the fissured layer showing the existence of many sub-horizontal fractures.

Rangiroa atoll salt water intrusion

On atoll islands, the fresh water lens (FWL) constitutes a very important fresh water resource. Investigations are applied on the Rangiroa Pacific atoll in order to characterize the impact of aquifer hydrodynamics on the FWL.

Pumping test interpretation in karst aquifers

Development of an approach for the interpretation of pumping tests in karst systems, based on the diagnostic plot analysis


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