Marechal Jean-Christophe

Senior Hydrogeologist

Curriculum vitae




1039 rue de Pinville
34000 Montpellier

India: Mule Hole forest watershed

Study of weathering processes and chemical budget in crystalline aquifer and tropical conditions

Location and shape of the Mule Hole catchment in the Kabini Basin (south India) with illustration of the forest seasonality

The Multiscale TROPIcal CatchmentS critical zone observatory M-TROPICS dataset III: Hydro-geochemical monitoring of the Mule Hole catchment, south India

Jean Riotte, Laurent Ruiz, Stephane Audry, Benjamin Baud, Jean-Pierre Bedimo Bedimo, Laurie Boithias, Jean-Jacques Braun, Bernard Dupre, Jean-Louis Duprey, Mikael Faucheux, Christelle Lagane, Jean-Christophe Marechal, Hemanth Moger, Mandalagiri Subbarayappa Mohan Kumar, Harshad Parate, Olivier Ribolzi, Emma Rochelle-Newall, Buvaneshwari Sriramulu, Murari Varma, Muddu Sekhar


Water balance modelling in a tropical watershed under deciduous forest (Mule Hole, India): Regolith matric storage buffers the groundwater recharge process

Laurent Ruiz, Murari R.R. Varma, M. S.Mohan Kumar, M. Sekhar, Jean Christophe Maréchal, Marc Descloitres, Jean Riotte, Sat Kumar, C. Kumar, Jean Jacques Braun

Journal of Hydrology, vol. 380, 2010 Jan, pp. 460--472

Indirect and direct recharges in a tropical forested watershed: Mule Hole, India

Jean-Christophe Marechal, Murari R R Varma, Jean Riotte, Jean-Michel Vouillamoz, M S Mohan Kumar, Laurent Ruiz, M Sekhar, Jean-Jacques Braun

JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGY, vol. 364, 2009 Jan, pp. 272--284


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